Computer Repair


Is your Desktop computer, Laptop or Mac having problems? We can fix it! If your computer is running slow, there could be major underlying issues which could lead to a catastrophic hard drive crash causing you to potentially lose all your important documents, photos, and music. When did you last back up your information? Call Nerd Alert Computer Service and we will perform a full diagnosis - checking out every aspect of your computer. We can fix any technical issues, replace failing computer components and make sure your computer is running faster than before!


Its takes forever for your computer to boot up and when I does you still can’t do anything on it? Well it could be infected with a virus, malware, and spyware. Your important data could potentially be at risk. Call Nerd Alert and we will clean out your computer and secure your important data from these malicious threats.



Web Design / Graphic Design


      We are more than just technical nerds we are creative and artistic. Web design and graphic design go together like spaghetti and meatballs. ( peanut butter & Jelly) Lets face it anyone can make that dish but it doesn’t mean it will taste or look great. Everyone has a website but With a creative approach and professionally trained artists on staff nerd alert can make your website look great.

Nerd alert takes a different approach when it comes to designing a website. We focus on the user experience, creativity, color scheme, Logo design, custom graphics or photos and of course all the nerdy stuff going on in the background to make it work. We will work directly with from start to finish no matter the size of the project. If you need a basic site no problem if you have an extensive website you want build great we handle it all.

Service that comes to you!

Nassau County



Data Recovery


     Hard drives malfunction and fail from wear and tear daily. Physical damage, water damage and power surges can destroy your hard drive but Nerd Alert can recover all your important data. Don’t panic thinking you lost your pictures, music and documents call us for a free estimate and we will retrieve your vital data. We can recover data from laptops, desktop computers, Mac/Apple computers, USB flash drives, SD cards, and portable hard drives. We will only charge you if we are able to recover your data, with a BLANK success rate, you can put your trust in us to get your data back.





- Virus Removal                                              - Data Recovery


- Networking                                                     - Back-up Solutions


- Computer Component Upgrades                - Custom Built Computer Systems


- Enterprise Email & Cloud Services           - Web Design & Graphic Design

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